Saturday, May 25

First artwork on the wall!

I used to dream about buying a house and filling it with my artwork all over the place. Lol I also had plans to hand paint patterns on the walls and ceiling.

Alas, now that we've bought a house.. I'm too chicken to do anything more than painting the walls white! Paint is not cheap and I kept imagining my cat creating a Picasso moment (probably called something like 'Rainbow Pawprints') around the house. Another thing holding me back is the fact that this place also belongs to the boyfriend and I don't know if he's gonna like my paintings. Heck I'm not even sure if I'm going to like it!

But look at it this way - it's a clean slate. A blank canvas, a great way to start. At least this is how I consoled the artist within.

I have not worked out enough courage to get adventurous on my walls yet so for now, painting on paper/canvas then hanging it up seems like the perfect compromise :)

Frame: RIBBA 42 x 52 cm, IKEA, AUD 19.95

If I've got spare cash, I'd give Art Logic a call to get their very cool gallery quality hanging system installed in my house. Neat and strong, these babies have a high tensile strength (up to 15 kg per strand from memory) and most importantly, you know you can trust the Art Logic folks, one of the best people I have worked with :)

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